Coronavirus Pandemic Response

The New Hope City Hall is now reopened with a mask requirement. Most city services are back to full operation.

For more information, call 763-531-5123.

To watch Mayor Kathi's weekly update on CCX media, click HERE.


This is a scary time and social distancing means that we can't comfort and support one another the way we'd like to. But we can still connect by phone, zoom and social media. Please be considerate; wear a mask and remain socially distant in public spaces. I know it's not fun, but wearing a mask and staying at least six feet away from others in public could save the life of someone you love. Everybody’s in the same boat and we all need to watch out for each other. The City of New Hope is here to help when we can. We will get through this together -- and our community will be stronger for it!

A message from Mayor Kathi: